What is the symptoms of vitamin d deficiency.

today’s article so what is vitamin d what is vitamin d deficiency and how the vitamin d deficiency can be reduced we are going to talk about it in today’s artice so make sure to read this article till the end friends vitamin d is also called a sunshine vitamin because we get this vitamin from sun breaks terminating is produced in the body in response to the sunlight exposure but do you know that vitamin d is not just a vitamin but it also acts more as an important one its receptors are present throughout the body and vitamin d is also found in few foods like fish fish or is called liver oil dairy products egg yolk hence the people who are lacking the exposure to sunlight and who are into strict vegan diet are at higher risk of developing vitamin d deficiency vitamin d is very essential component to have strong bones of your body and it also helps the breakdown of calcium in our body what happens when our body lacks vitamin d some of the common symptoms of vitamin d deficiency are bone pain muscle weak risk of death following cardiovascular disease cognitive impairment severe asthma and so diabetes mellitus and multiple sclerosis so these are some major serious health condition which could happen following vitamin hence it’s very important that vitamin d deficiency should not be taken lightly that’s why if you lack sunlight exposure on a regular basis if you follow a strict vegan diet if you have darker skin tone if you are aging if you are obese if you have got some pre-existing health condition like chronic disease fibrosis then you are at the risk of developing vitamin d deficiency or having vitamin d deficiency and you need to take extra care to get rid of this vitamin d deficiency so what are the normal counts or how much vitamin d is good vitamin for our body because definitely excess of vitamin d is also not good as excess of vitamin d can cause vitamin d toxicity that’s why our body definitely needs vitamin d but at a moderate level oils at a normal limits in order to find out what’s the level of vitamin d in your body definitely there are certain tests which can be helpful 25 hydroxy vitamin d blood test is a test which helps to find out also measure the vitamin d level in the body a level of 20 nano run per milliliter to 50 nano gram per milliliter is considered as an educate orders healthy levels of vitamin d in the body a level that is less than 12 nanograms per milliliter indicates vitamin d deficiency so how you can manage vitamin d deficiency the most simplest form is to get sun-dried exposure in early morning which means sunlight that’s before 8 am or it’s 9 a.m that’s the most easiest source to get vitamin d in your body but if you stay in some areas where you don’t have that exposure or good sunlight then definitely you need some extra good products like daily products fish cordial oil egg yolks can be helpful to reduce the level of vitamin d deficient along with that you also need vitamin d supplements in order to take vitamin d supplements it’s very important that you first get your vitamin d level measured go to a doctor a physician or it’s your family doctor show those levels to him and once he see that your levels are low and if he feels you need to take supplements then only it is advisable to take vitamin D supplements it’s very important that you should never self medicate or take vitamin d supplements on yourself because as i mentioned previously also that vitamin d in excess causes vitamin D toxicity in your body which could lead to some other side effects which you don’t want and that’s why it’s very important that you get rid of your vitamin D deficiency with the help of a professional the agenda of writing this article was to inform you and talk to you about the importance of vitamin D deficiency and how and to tell you what’s the right way of getting better or is dealing with the vitamin D efficiency.

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