What is satvik deit and how it is important in our life.

Food is such an important factor of our life you see a good food tasty food food which smells good looks good you feel so blissful so fine you was ever heard Satvik food may be  you must have tasted sometime Satvik food you will Notice that the Satvik food doesn’t look so different than other food which you really very much like but Satvik food will give you very good help very good nutrition Very easily digestible Satvik food is most Natural Natural that you don’t feel heavy when you eat that food at that gives a very good peaceful feeling after eating so what you would you may be eating slowly gradually learnt how to cook Satvik food How to make varieties of tasty dishes and how to eat it with a pleasant state of mind because that is going to give you good health good energy boost and positive state of mind in today’s scenario when all the family is together people are together this is the time you can make some changes in your life because the change has to be gradual little little changed and you are ready for it so try and understand the varieties which we are going to show you now of Satvik food to understand Satvik food understand what is not non veg eggs very heavy spices too much salt too much Chilli and the food which after deleting you feel very heavy and you want to sleep that is a food which we should avoid that is called as rajasic food that is one more food which is called is tamasik food That food bring dullness lethargic toxic feeling you feel very dull your brain doesn’t work body doesn’t work that type of food all intoxicated foods or artificially coloured fluid between ise mineralize food process food  diFrozen foods all these foods come under Satvik food   so once this list is ready we should make a list of what is Satvik food List is very simple one milk and Milk products S fruits fresh fruits seasonal fruits preferably third vegetables all these vegetables which you eat their own force wheat rice and polished rice to our Bajra Mecca and this whole group 5th all the sprouts which we cook and eat are very Satvik 6th all the dal like moong dal skin moong dal of skin moong dal and all other than as if mix does all this variety of dals this list and among sweet comes jackery honey and unrefined sugar all this would come under sweeteners then among spices the highest marks You get this from ginger ginger must go in our body and Ginger is most sattvic it brings balance of all the tridosan  and so it brings balance but haldi dhaniya rice zeera maithi all these are satvik onion garlic they come under vegetables they are not satvik they are comes under satvik rajasvik Because they have a specific effect but their medicinal so use them as a medicine and definitely use them in hot climate onion garlic will good and some certain food all these  are come in this list you should must try satvik food in your life and you will definetly gets the good results.


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