WEIGHT LOSS Indian Weight Loss Diet without exercise

First we  coming to break fast your breakfast should be lower in complex carbohydrates and high in protein low in carbohydrates because it will have high carbohydrate diet it will ultimately get stored as fat now we also want our weight loss to be in the form of fat and not in the form of muscles so will give protein intake so some of the healthy breakfast options could be first is my favourite customised oatmeal along with 3 egg whites and one whole egg now if you are a vegetarian the only replacement 2 egg whites I can think of is way protein isolate also make your oatmeal tasty year second would be chickpea spinach egg bhurji third could be moong dal dosa recipes to all three are available on the website  if you are a piranthal our like me you can have one plain paratha without oil long with an egg bhurji made of 5 egg whites and one Bhulekh if you don’t like you can also make omelette same paratha along with low fat paneer bhurji how to make low fat paneer skimmed milk from outside and make paneer at home trust me it would be tasted it would be cheap and it would be lower in fat now because we are talking about complex carbohydrate I am not including brown bread because the so-called wheat bread that we find in a market is adulterated with Maida so I’d suggest you to rather avoided if you want to have a dukan have one Sabji then another option could be whey protein isolate in milk along with the complex carbohydrates for something like Upma so these are quite a few healthy breakfast options now one hour after breakfast and 40 minutes before lunch tried to drink at least one litre of water if you are outside keep water bottle hanging if it all you feel hungry in between breakfast and lunch you can have 1 handful of an salted roasted peanuts along with green tea for Indian team but avoid sugar if you want to like stevia please remember for weight loss sugar is your number 1 any coming to lunch start your lunch with salad now a salad may comprise of carrots cucumbers beetroots cabbage extra vitamins minerals fibre but it will also make you a little full this is a great way to eat less after this salad you can have a small portion of complex carbohydrate along with protein video call the almost perfect recipe very nice in the combination of brown rice along with a pro cotton rich source depending upon if you are a vegan vegetarian eggetarian or nonvegetarian I suggest you check that you can also have Roti along with the protein rich curry like low fat paneer for soya chunks now you should not have three or four years at a maximum of two roty’s little low fat curd along with that now eating Roti with Dal is not a great option when it comes to weight loss No doubt lentils are high in protein but if they have one gram of protein they will have 3 grams of Carbohydrates now combining them with Roti or brown eyes will make them very high in carbohydrates which will hinder the weight loss process if you want to have daal have it with one Roti on little brown eyes but make sure you add some good protein rich source like roasted paneer grilled chicken or grilled fish tank in 6 egg whites in the Kari aur dal this makes it protein rich and balances out the Macro nutrients then we have already discussed about chickpea spinach egg bhurji and moong dal dosa those can also be incorporated for lunch after lunch and 40 minutes before evening snack try to have one litre of water now comes the tricky part the evening snacks this is one time when we succumb to outside Food because we do not have healthy option as well as well I’ll give you some options let’s start with simple options but first could be a small Apple along with green S could be to handfuls of roasted chickpeas 1 handful of and salted roasted peanuts and green tea and could be Makhana which are also known as Lotus seed along with Indian tea or green tea 4th option could be boiled chana chat now I have already shown you how to make a sweet potato Chaat you can just give sweet potato auto fit your chana Chaat is a d option could be banana peanut butter roti exception could be a small portion of Upma or then there are some evergreen options like egg boiled egg white omelette these are some of the great evening snack options that will help you stay away from the outside Food not this diet when will work even if you do not exercise but exercising will make the weight loss process faster.                            

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