The best bed-time practice to change your personality.

 If you sleep for eight hours than one third of your day you are spending in sleep. By this logic if you take one third of your life you are spending just in sleep. If you  look for 100  years than you have spent 33 years just in sleeping. How much attention do we pay to understand this one third part of our life, mostly we take it for granted.Do you know that the door to subconsciouslies in your sleep state. Not just that. The quality of two third of your life is majorly depending on this one third of your sleeptime. Your subconscious is highly active during your sleep and it carries out some magical and mysterious phenomena. These processesare specially influenced by your activities just before you in sleep. Hence it becomes very very important to follow a right bed time discipline before you go to bed. Your subconscious mind could be trained very well during two occasions one in on an initial hour when you wake up from sleep and second the last one hour before you sleep. These two times have immense strength to change your subconscious nature. Today I give you one simple exercise which you should do before going to bed. That can transform your life and change the way in which you look at the world. This exercise can repair the ignorance which is rooted in your subconscious mind.This is what you have to do. Right te positive things that happened to you during the day before going to bed, and this can be anything.You must have seen some beautiful flower,or you must have talked to your friend and you enjoyed it, you have must read something lovely and felt very fine, you must have gone for a walk and met some good people around.It could be anything. But write them down since they are positive points in your day.This could be anything which made you feel good and any positive change that happened because of these good things. But make sure you don’t connect emotionally to any of these events when you are recalling these events in your mind. Just find out ten positives of the day. Soon you will realize that you have started to see things differently andsee the situations also differently. You start seeing the positive aspect of everything.You become optimistic and start seeing the beauty around. Your mind has always a choiceto see the positive side but some of are conditioned and habituated to see only negative things,and such minds always remain pessimistic.Yogi say that human mind needs training and understand how to train your mind. First select one object which is beautiful may be a lovely flower or may be a beautiful statue of Krishna or Rama or any baby anything. Keep that in front of you and look at that object for along time going into the detail of that object.Right from up to down all the details of that object. After seeing that detail then close your eyes or remove the object and then start seeing that object in your mind. Now physically the object is not there. From gross you have be come subtle . You are seeing that object in your mind because you have seen things in detail it will remain in your mind and you will see that in your mind. The thoughts of that object are there with you. Now remove the thoughts, what remains is the feeling.A feeling of joy, a feeling of happiness,a feeling of positivity, that remains in your mind. And that’s how we have to be with this feeling of joy and positivity all the time. This one simple exercise can slowly slowly train your mind to see and see good things around carefully. Seeing good things is not the thing you have to see it carefully to have some impression of goodness in your mind, that effort you have to do. Put this effort and see that your life is surely going to be beautiful. When you do this before going to bed this would see in your subconscious mind very beautifully. Also it has been provento give a better sleep. This mental exercise which you will be doing before going to bed will be helpful in releasing happy hormones while you are sleeping. And this can repair and rejuvenate your body. This mental exercise has immense power to transform your personality.Never take your activities before go to bed for granted, as it can influence your mind in a loner run. One hour before you go to bed keep all the gadgets away and see to it that you are with yourself, re calling all the positive points in your mind and then you go to bed. And just write down these positive points. Do you know that as you think so is your life. Think good life will be good, Iassure you. And how to think good I have told you here. Practice this regularly and automatically you will think only good. Any situation can be seen from one angle which looks very positive and from other angle which looks very negative.Choice is yours.

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