Simple home remedies for dry skin.

Everyone wants cleaved and Radiant skin it is possible only we should know how to manage with skin because there are three types of skin one is very oily skin one is very dry and flaky skin and third is normal skin now when you are in the very cold climates skin becomes dry in hot climate you will find skin looking very oily you are sweating and so more oil on skin all that is the natural phenomenon but we should know how to handle this things because skin definitely gets affected because of the weather climate but  once we attend to it it would be very perfect it would look beautiful always in all the weather lets understand the causes for dry skin first poor nutrition nutrition if nutrition is not correct if your body doesn’t have natural oil Then skin also is going to become dry Second Genetics hereditary you are born with that type of a skin can be handled third Extreme temperature absolute heat outside absolute cold outside extreame temprature creates problems and fourth pores of our skin  when these pores  because skin has lots of force through which secretion takes place where evil dead body is thrown out when the sports get blocked because dead cells they remain on the board they don’t come out because we have not taking bath properly and so that also creates drive according to Ayurveda they said that when you walk is too much then can get dry the causes for oily skin whenis excess open pores in our  body when the sebum is secerated Sebum is natural oil Which is the secerated from our skin and so oily lessons thicknesses is felt and then because of that even acnes are there so that all causes oily skin  so now  what are suppose to do Practice yoga by following yoga paths what happens all our 

Toxins are released very easily managed very easily circulation is very perfect so when all this happens our skin in which is sometimes oily and sometimes dry that also neutralizes and skin remain healthy so I would recommend at least 2 asans one is sarvangasan Head Low pose and this really helps releasing tension from all the facial muscles it helps in good circulation and helps the skin of your face in any case second portion is halasan And that is again a very good circulation on face reason that whole angle really helps in keeping your body’s find totally flexible as well as the circulation on face and the compression to the digestion also is fine absorption assimilation is fine and so these two posiores should be done regularly this technique called it jalnaiti  really helps person cleansing from inside also really improve the circulation on the face region jalnaiti  should we practice regularly because that is a fantastic technique to cope up with the external stress and tension external infection and pollution second things which we should do as a Pranayam is shitali and sitkari all both these problems they bring little coolness into our system the word its self shitali sitkari cooling into our system and when our system gets coold the batdosh of our body is handled very well in ayurvedic they mention that we should do abhyangistan we remember that even for a baby  we give massage of oil and then baby is kept in Sun for some times and then baby is given bath and children also pick up their health so this abhyangh is nothing else but using oil like coconut oil like sesame seed oil almond oil it could be even castor oil these are all very healthy oil we should use any of these oils just see that you warm this oil little bit and use this warm oil on your entire body massage your body with your own self your hands your face your neck back front everywhere you massage this oil and stay for sometime se half an hour to one hour and then take your bath so this is the best way to handle dry skin well if you find that your skill is still very dry and flaky then after this abhyanghbad  again before wiping her body take Little oil and rub that on your arms and legs that would help overcoming this dryness this would be much better than any body lotions because this is a natural oil I would recommend a very good Pack at that is made up of aloe vera sandalwood and honey these three things so mix all these three things remove fresh aloe vera gel and put little honey in that and makes little Sandalwood powder make a paste apply that on your face and neck keep it for 15-20 minutes and wash it out with warm water now such pack yo do  apply that on your skin where you massages for sometime keep it for sometime once or twice in the week I would recommend another pack that is a combination of almond oat honey and yoghurt these four ingredients to sock 5-6 almonds in water overnight remove the skin and put it in mixer make the paste and then apply this on your face massage little bit  and keep it for 15-20 minutes and washed out with warm water now this could be done every four days or five days and that also is a very good pack.

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