Relation between dieting and losing weight and some asans which help to our body.

Everybody wants to look slim and trim everybody wants to lose weight and when it comes to losing weight first thing what is comes in mind is fasting and dieting  can affect your body in various ways your nutrients will get disturb your internal organs are going to get affected and you are going to lose your weight  why do you want to lose weight at the cost of your health that is no need of such fasting and dieting to lose weight Here are few management I’ll give you if you follow this systematically you will very effectively lose weight and that too very healthy number one it just four times in a day don’t open your mouth in between we are eating food only to session and not to fill a belly so it every time only that which can your hunger we usually tend to eat what understand that person must have breakfast the studies show that those who eat breakfast they have lower BMI than those people who skip the breakfast they have higher BMI so try and see that you eat only that was it breakfast so that you get angry at lunchtime this is how you should bandage the quantity part of your food dinner has to be early as far as possible by 7 o’clock person should be finishing dinner dinner again causes lots of problems you can eat some lighter things like soup and fishery and Sab simple food if you eat this should help you control your body mass index second point  just sleep well good sleep is a must because when you sleep All the hormones recharge secreted in our body really helped in the very good metabolism can disturb your appetite regulating hormone ghrelin and leptin and that affect your health having this hormone fluctuations can increase your hunger and craving and we might end up eating all the junk food ready made available food for increasing our calories third point For reducing weight would be take steps walking everyday is a must walk at least 10,000 steps per day it is approximately 7 to 8 km get yourself a Pedometer motivator and reminder do what you can to be more active in the house activities like take 2 minutes break aur walk when you are talking to people when someone is stalking you listen before every meal you should remember and walk for 15-20 minutes at least and after every meal you should still walk but very slowly troll but people don’t sleep after food first you should walk and then only you should sit and work or rest fourth point Burn your calories exercise is an important activity to bring your body weight to normal exercise there are two exercise  which you should do regularly to keep your body within the control number 1 talasana talasana Is then upwards state its and exercise for the whole body so here you are standing with one foot away apart then both arms on the size standing straight and then while breathing in try to raise your whole body race on your toe simultaneously breed in fully simultaneously and take your both and totally straight up words   Stay streched in this position for six seconds and then While breathing out your arm take the rotation from behind and slowly breathe out along with your legs movement and breathing movements together a synchronisation of body movement and breathing moment to come back to your normal position this is a beautiful Aasan to give exercise to the whole body when person puts on weight because of the gravitational force the bodies compress vertebrates come closer now when you talasana  you are stretching your body upwards and it really helps the entire body To be free from compression tension and give a very good exercise and second asan is sourya namaskar sourya namaskar Asan give full  bodies exercise right from head to toe Central trunk is exercise with the fat belly goes in waistline is trimmed down and it’s an excellent Aasan which person should perform dear sir percentage standing Street slowly in hailing bending back then bending forward then person is coming on hands the weight is on your palm so all your fingers raised everything is exercise that you are taking your legs back and then you are taking the weight of your body to go down here you are really strengthening your arms and releasing the stress over there then you are trying to lift your head back by increasing good amount of energy to your system coming back your legs are flex the entire what body lifting upward all this together makes it a beautiful to exercise every part of your body really sourya namaskar Really helps to burn your cal do this and if you can do it comfortably.


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