today’s article i’m going to talk to  you about back strengthening exercises  i’m pretty sure if you have got back  pain you must have heard  that you should exercise for your back  but do you know  that exercises are of different format  different form  different goals and should be done at  different times  and so does it’s important that you take  the help of your physiotherapist  before starting any of the exercises  back strengthening exercises basically  are the exercises which should be done  last  after you are out of your back pain  episode  because strengthening exercises are kind  of hard and can lead to injuries further  or sometimes can also increase your pain  levels  so what’s the right time of doing back  strengthening exercise what are the  benefits of doing  back strengthening exercises and what  are certain things that you should keep  in mind  while doing back strengthening exercises  we are going to discuss all of them in  today’s article  so make sure to stay tuned with me till  the end  so let’s begin now basically the goal of  the back strengthening exercises  is to improve the strength of your core  muscles  core muscles are the muscles that lies  on your back as well as in your  abdominal region  these group of muscles are basically the  core supporters  or are the pillars of you standing erect  your spine is standing erect just  because  they have been supported by this group  of core muscles  now these core muscles are difficult to  strengthen  because they are not utilized in almost  all activities  so they sometimes gets missed out in  exercise  while doing other activities of  day-to-day living  and that’s why they need a special  exercise program  for you to achieve their strength  importance of core muscles  is that they not only are supportive  but are also helpful in with  withholding the stress that your spine  undergoes  in the activities or the tasks that you  do in your day-to-day life some of the  important muscles  that you should always focus when it  comes to core strengthening exercises  are  exercise for your abdominals exercise  for your glutes muscle  exercise of your hip muscles and as well  as the exercise for your back muscles  or is the back extensor muscles i would  say these muscles  are the core supporting muscles of your  spine as well as pelvic region  and they tend to get weak due to wear  and tear  and also get tend to get injured due to  which you experience back but  strengthening exercises are kind of  intense exercise  which can lead to further  damage to your muscles if done at wrong  time  hence it’s very important that if you  who are someone who is having  back pain episode definitely in  in the phase of pain you should not do  this exercise you should definitely  refrain yourself from doing any kind of  strengthening exercises  that’s the time basically you should  focus on light and gentle  back movements which are free gentle  range of motion exercise  in order to prevent stiffness and bring  the mobility or else maintain the  mobility in your spine region  once you are out of the phase of pain  then you should keep  then you should give some time for your  body to warm up back  by doing flexibility exercises or  stretching exercises  stretching exercises not only increases  the blood flow to the area  but also improves the longevity  longevity of the muscles  and flexibility of the muscles when the  muscles are easy  to move free to move it becomes much  more easier for you  to do the strengthening exercise program  so  if you are having back pain wait for 10  to 15 days for your back to get settled  down only to gentle mobility exercises  after that for next 10 to 15 days do  only stretching exercises stretch your  muscles  make your hams glutes abdominal back  muscles  well flexible make them  flexible enough and then only start with  your back strengthening exercise program  which would be maybe after say around 20  to 30 days  post your episode of back pain to build  your back muscles or as the core muscles  who require exercise  that are safe are easy for you to do  are enjoyable for you also focuses on  the muscles that i mentioned before also  like  abdominals back extensors gluteal  muscles hip muscles  especially and your pelvic floor muscles  as well if you are a woman  back strengthening program or else back  strengthening exercises  helps you in reducing the stress that  your spines faces  on the or while doing your day-to-day  tasks it also brings better spinal  alignment  it brings ease in the movement and also  makes you  strong enough to withhold all the  activities  or display or sports that you plan to do  in future even  twisting lifting turning around can lead  to certain pains  but if your muscles are strong enough  you can prevent yourself from all these  aches and pains  now these exercises doesn’t have to be  boring there are many exercise format  that can that can enable you to do your  core muscle strengthening  these exercise formats are lattice yoga  ig  weight lifting and conditioning  resistance band training and  and exercise which are done on physio  ball in most cases  strengthening exercises should be done  two to three times in a week  and should be a part of your overall  exercise program which should also  comprises of aerobic exercises  and stretching exercises so  make sure before starting any of the  exercise program especially for your  back muscles  take consent from your physiotherapist  understand  at what level you are what is this  health of your spinal muscles  understand that and then only start with  your exercise program  yes there are a lot of benefits of doing  back strengthening exercises  but they should be safe for you before  starting  so keep that in mind and then only start  your exercise.

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