Home remedies for removing dark circles nd how to glow skin.

Summer demands additional care and management of our body and mind to keep yourself hydrated to manage the extra sweat and to manage your skin needs to be given and additional focus among all summer issue tanning of skin from this scorching sun is one of the most common issues here are some simple home remedies to manage the tanning of skin first cucumber juice has a very soothing and cooling effect on your skin vitamin c in it also keeps your skin moisturized it effectively reduces some time but few cucumber slices and squeeze the juice out of it apply the juice on your face and neck and let it dry after 20 minutes wash it out with warm water second coconut milk coconut milk is highly nourishing and highly hydrating for the skin it helps in storing The Lost moisture vitamin c and mild acid present in it helps removing the tamming of the skin take coconut milk and take coconut ball and dip in cotton milk and paste on your face and neck let it dry and then wash it out with warm water gram third flour turmeric and milk turmeric is an excellent skin brightening age and Bengal gram flour or what is called as besan lighten the skin effectively take little grab folaur put Pinch of turmeric in that and make up paste with milk and then this paste should be applied on face and neck let it dry and scrub it out with warm water fourth lemon juice and honey and sugar the secret acid in lemon the honey gives the cooling effect to your skin where is sugar eggs like a Scrub take a spoon of lemon juice put honey in them and then try and put little sugar in this and mix this and rub that on your face and necklet it dry for some time and then wash it out with warm water sictric acid in lemon lighten the mark Honey is a very strong moisturizer and sugar works as a Scrub and that really clear your skin very effectively fifth yoga techniques here are Some technique which should help you in the management of skin care among the asan ustrasan asian second asan halasana third asan is sarvansana next is kiryas in Yoga in the first jal neiti and do little kapalbhati that is breathing in breathing out of the air in the nostril to drive the water second kirya is kapalrandradhoti next yogic technique is pranayama is this hot climate what you need this cooling down so here is a paranayam called sitli paranayam in sitli parnayamsit in meditative position back and heads roll your tongue as like the hollow tube and breathing from your mouth it helps in pulling the system with sitli paranayam you don’t get that flashes on your face it does not keeps you up it keeps you relax and that help in the management of skin care s sun protection the major cause of taning his due to strong sun rays which has UV rays and that tans the skin to make sure that you don’t expose yourself too much this harm rays exposure to hot sun is unavoidable then you should with something else lies taken umbrella and cover your head cap and protect your head cover face with scarf sunscreen can be used sunscreen with sun protection factor between 15 to 25 + will help protect you from daily Sun exposure however if you are staying outdoors for a long period of time then go for higher spf make sure that you buy a broad spectrum sunscreen that is simple natural way to protect your skin from UV rays and that is take a cup of unboiled milk put few drops of lemon in that and applied that on your arm on your face on your neck the part which is exposed to sun and leave at is it will dry and it will not bother you can maybe just wipe it out with travel and leave it as it is you will be protected milk with little lemon is a homemade Sanskrit all these things will keep your skin healthy bright and glowing so be happy and keep smiling

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