Getting MBBS degree in United States of America

Getting MBBS degree in United States of America


A huge part of international students choose to study in United States of America which is somehow a wise decision. However, the medical programs from USA are worth valued throughout the globe. A big chunk of this world has a dream to study in USA.

Getting MBBS degree in United States of America
Getting MBBS degree in United States of America

The medical education system in USA offers focused practical learning more than that of theoretical learning. Getting MBBS degree in United States of America will be an enriching experience for the students because they only don’t get medical education but expertise, knowledge and skills throughout the course.

If any medical aspirant wants to set up a promising career in medical area then they should definitely choose for getting MBBS degree in United States of America for the same.

Apart from the medical education if you dream to enjoy your personal life along with the student life then USA is never going to disappoint you. USA is famous for the natural beauty, bustling street, beaches and night life as well. So you that you can refresh your mind with your friends or colleagues as well. There’s no doubt that USA offers much more opportunity to any working or studying individual. Now that you have took the decision for getting MBBS degree in United States of America then you should continue till the end.


Top MBBS colleges of USA


1- Harvard University


The top and best college of MBBS in USA which is Harvard university. The Harvard university is a private research organisation which was established in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This school is distinguished as the name of US education system and across the globe which has two main facets which mainly are Harvard college of arts and science college for undergraduate and Harvard University for the graduate students. If you choose for getting MBBS degree in United States of America with this college, you will not only need the thrilling grades but community involvement, extra-curricular activities, leadership qualities and an attracting persona as well. However, the acceptance rate of the institution is 4.7%.


2- The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)


Thia university is bases in Westwood, Los Angeles which was founded in 1882. This university host more than 15% of international students. The acceptance rate of this university is 14% and is one of the most selective university for the students. The admissions are offered on the basis of overall performance of the students and not just grade. This is the university that offers more than 3,800 courses across 109 academic department with a great options upto 125+ majors and 90+ minors for the undergraduate level students.


3- Yale University


Yale university is a private and independent research institution which was founded in 1701. The acceptance rate of this university is 6% for those choose for getting MBBS degree in United States of America will see the low acceptance rate with this university.

The university host 12% of international students and provides approximately 85 majors and more than 2000 variety of courses for the applicants of both undergraduate and post-graduate.


These are some of the best medical colleges in USA for which you can get the full details through their official website.


Application process


Step 1- Students are required to fill and submit the forms to as many universities as possible. This way the chances are higher of response.


Step 2- This is also a fact that the acceptance rate of medical students in MBBS colleges are low.


Step 3- Students are required to appear for the MCAT test in order to get the admission in medical college in USA.This is the test that judges the knowledge, reasoning, science and writing skills of the applicant and this is 4 to 5 hours of test which is computer based.


Step 4- After you get the required marks in the test, you need to move forward to start applying for different medical colleges in USA.


Step 5- Students are advised to always apply through the AMCAS through most of the colleges and universities in USA.


Step 6- It is required to attach the letter of recommendation with the application. There are limited amount of scholarship and financial aids. And, you need to keep in mind that the very few private universities accept international students for getting MBBS degree in United States of America.


So make sure to apply by first checking the details and guidelines provided by the official website of the university.






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