Getting MBBS degree in United States of America

There are many of the Indian and other country’s students who have a dream to become doctor and wear that white coat.

Getting MBBS degree in United States of America
Getting MBBS degree in United States of America

Without quality education it is not possible, this is why you need to find out the top notch medical education providing institute. You can find many of the worldclass medical education providing institutes in USA. If you take the decision of getting MBBS degree in United States of America then you can never be failed in your career.

As you know that America not only offers you quality education but great weather, interesting personal and professional life and much more exposure to your specific field.

Not only this but doctor’s profession is a rewarding profession. Here is how:


Doctors are there to help people recover amd overcome various diseases and illness which is one of the great thing in this world. Who doesn’t care about their health? Health is much more important to any of the person.

It’s a matter of fact that they start to realize it when it goes downhill. This is the time that a normal person seek a specialist to fast and proper recovery. Getting MBBS degree in United States of America will make you take action on any urgency which will make you most demanding doctor.

Being a doctor to treat the patient and see their full recovery and gratitude is something that just not gives you smile but soothes your soul as well.

The other bright side to this profession is that you will get the ability to empower people. Apart from treating the disease, you are going to actually prevent it which is a souvenir in itself. As a doctor you are going to have knowledge to tell the patient about what they should do and what not. It makes it more overwhelming when you actually starts to see the results on your patient, knowing that your efforts are not getting wasted.


Top medical colleges for Getting MBBS degree in United States of America


The international students who are considering for MBBS degree in USA should have knowledge that admission in one of the top medical colleges is highly competitive. However, here are the top ranked colleges for pursuing MBBS degree in USA.


1- Harvard University

2- Johns Hopkins University

3- Stanford University

4- University of California – San Francisco

5- University of Washington

6- University of Pennsylvania

7- Duke University

8- University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA)

9- Columbia University

10- University of Michigan – Ann Arbor


These are ranked on the basis of their acceptance rate. Which means that the high rate of acceptance is at top and low rate if acceptance is at the last position.


USA MBBS syllabus


First ;



Students are going to learn about basics and clinical science courses. The students will have the subjects as Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and more. While getting MBBS degree in United States of America, you are taking basics as easy basics then you are wrong. You will need to do strong homework. Because, this is the course which is going to prepare you for your professional career.


Second year


The time of second year will demand a lot of time of yours for reinforcing the first year basic science courses. However, this can be done in the form of clinical clerckship. The additional courses will be:


  1. a) at least one practical course
  2. b) a course on clinical skills
  3. c) a health policy or global health course


Third year


During the third year, the students will become a member of medical team. During the medical year, you will get to explore all of the fields/specialities of medicine which are internal medicine, paediatrics, psychiatry, neurology, radiology, etc. This is the year when you have to choose your field of interest. This year is also known as “Differentiation and integration” as well.


Fourth Year


This is the year when you will have your residency. You eill have msny options but you will have to choose one medical speciality you want to go with. This area will be the area of expertise for you.

However, while getting MBBS degree in United States of America, you go confused and face difficulty to choose one area you can contact a faculty advisor fir the same.


1- Is USA is best for MBBS?


Ans- MBBS in USA is treated as MD which is a 4-year medical degree which is recognised globally. Hence, USA is best for MBBS degree.


2- What is MBBS called in USA?


Ans- MBBS in USA is kniwn as MD which stands for Doctor of Medicine. On top of that students have to apply for the residency program to practice as a doctor in the country.


3- Can I study MBBS in USA after 12th?


Ans- For getting MBBS degree in United States of America the students must have to complete the pre-medical year after their 12th standard. Then this leads to bachelor of science BS program.

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