today’s article we are going to talk  about how flat food can cause  multiple area body aches and pains and  what all things you can do in order to  deal with it  so interested in knowing about this  topic make sure to read this till  the end let’s begin friends flat foot is  in congenital deformity  and deformity where you’re born with an  absent arch in your foot  the arch in your foot allows you to walk  in a stable way  in a balanced way but whenever this arch  is missing  the foot is not able to absorb the shock  while walking  and it causes lot of balance related  issues  apart from that when there is flat foot  present it also alter the biomechanics  of the body  and there are many muscular skeletal  pains and eggs that in person  experiences  since foot is the load bearing joint of  our body or as you can see foot is a lot  better  area of our body if it is not aligned in  proper way  just imagine what will happen to other  body areas  foot has many muscles these foot muscles  are surrounded by fascia and these  facials are then later connected to your  calf muscle  calf muscles are connected to your thigh  muscles thigh muscles are connected to  your  back muscles your pelvic muscles pelvic  muscles are connected to your upper back  muscles and your upper back muscles are  connected to your neck and shoulder  muscles  so if there is a problem that’s present  in your foot  slowly slowly all these muscles get  impacted  due to presence of flat foot a person  might  very commonly experience muscle pain  acute soreness  muscle tightness stiffness balance  issues and  also alteration in posture but when this  pressure the wrong pressure persist for  long period of time  this could also lead to some long-term  conditions like osteoarthritis  arthritis of your hip joint number  lotuses or this change in the curvature  of your spine  even flat foot can also order the  position of the organs in the body  and thus can impact its functioning  hence it’s very important  that a flat foot needs to be managed  as early as possible as the baby starts  walking  parents gradually observe that the foot  is not having that arch present which  shows  due to which a child shows an altered  ability of walking  that’s the time when parents will first  time observe whether the  flat foot is present or not but if you  go for a regular evaluation from the  physiotherapist or else your piteration  then the flat foot can be identified  early on and can be managed early on  flat foot can be managed in multiple  ways ranging  depending on at what age the child or is  the patient is coming  second to what extent the bones are  mediable third  to what extent the arch is present or  not present or is how  to what level the flat foot is present  now  if the flat foot is identified at very  early age  then corrective shoes and regular  stretching exercises  are very helpful to correct the arch  issues but if the lack of presence of  arch  is also associated with some bony  deformities in the joint  then it requires corrective surgery  corrective surgeon is one of the best  way  in order to achieve a proper alignment  of a deformed foot  but if the arch gets corrected with the  help of surgery also  later on the person needs to do some  maintenance therapy  these mental and therapy should comprise  of regular stretching exercises  strengthening exercises of your foot and  calf muscles  also to wear modified footwear or else  having some silicone insoles which mimic  an arch apart from that  regular strengthening program of overall  body  strengthening exercises for your lower  back or its core muscles  allows you to maintain your body in as  balanced way as possible  there’s one more method which is very  helpful in correcting the arts and that  is kinesiology taping  so these are certain ways with which art  can be managed or corrected  make sure to see in physiotherapists to  identify  what is the best way to manage your arch  and what are the complications or is  impairment that you are experiencing  due to your flat foot or is your arch  problem  once identified then your  physiotherapist would be able to help  you out with the probable solutions  and these solutions when done on  consistent level  you would be able to live a life which  is pain free  and well active through this article my  intention was to make you aware about  flat foot  what are its implication and how it can  affect your other areas of body.

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