5 Best Foods for Diabetes Control – Best Diet Tips & tricks.

Diabetes is one of the rapidly growing Global disease number of people having diabetes has grown from 108 million in 1980 to 422 million in 2014 diabetes cause kidney failure shoes and lower Limb amputation controlling the blood sugar level is primary task of diabetic patient from the food we consume food control is the major factor in controlling the diabetes here are some excellent food which one must consume to manage the diabetes number 1 green leafy vegetables green leafy vegetables are low in Calories and low in carbohydrates blood sugar level in balance they are rich in fibre and they help is absorption of sugar in right place one must consume spinach leaves and drumstick leaves in their regular means among all green leafy vegetables drumstick leaves have proven to really reduce the damage they are rich ascorbic acid which leads to increase the insulin secretion in our body and so it reduces the sugar level whole grain buy whole grain can really help reducing the whole grain fibres and nutrients compared to refined grains the whole grains have a lesser glycemic index does comparatively having less impact on blood sugar level whole grain like brown ragi and dry and searching excellent food to control the blood sugarRagi is excellent food among all MI deuces oxidative stress and inflammation in turn helps in controlling diabetes food like strawberries blueberries raspberries and blackberries what we call is Jamun are specially excellent food they have an accident that reduces oxidative stress oxidative stress is very common in Diabetic patients again there is very good in vitamin C to which are not Dukhi blood sugar level in balance number 4 beans Bheem are low in glycemic index and so it effectively reduces blood sugar level the glydemic index of is 15 why kidney beans are 28 and beans are  Complex carbohydrates show the body digestion slower than  any other carbohydrate deit t would really help even if weight loss and so blood sugar and cholesterol 5th Citrus fruit diet food to your daily diet oranges and lemons have amazing antidiabetic effect model researches believe that they have bioflavonoid is available in orange and lemon and this antidiabetic effect fruits are excellent in vitamins and minerals without adding carbohydrate into your food.

 5 Best food of for Diabetes. 

 1-Whole grain

 2-Green leafy vegetables 

 3- Berries

 4- citrus Fruits

 5- Beans

All these should be the major part of a diabetic person die moreover you should also control yourself from consuming food which can disturb your sugar level avoid food which has I glycemic index like white rice white bread white potatoes preparations refined sugar sugary drinks sweet Cakes and pastry  and packaged snacks and packaged foods avoid consuming all this foods which can spike your Blood sugar rapidly more importantly keep eating every 2 hours the measure mistake many do is by skipping breakfast or having a very late breakfast make sure you eat something within 1 hour after you wake up lemon juice with acids first in the morning or as Amla powder with A Pinch of turmeric in a warm water early in the morning morning drink can help to maintain your blood sugar level throughout the day your mind free from worries be flexible Be humble diabetes are known to be perfect this they want everything so perfect that they are never satisfied with anybody else now you have to be caring you have to be humble other you be perfect but expect the other kind with other that could help you only that diabetes is so the effect of Mind on body is going to be obvious when mind is not in the happiest mind is full of worries and tension School of anxiety then its effect is going to be there and persons diabetes can now never be sure as they are not as intelligent as you so you do your part with best of your satisfied with your work but accept others as they are don’t try to impose your ideas on them try and live a very happy and peaceful life.


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